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You will find a lot of useful information in this site.  Please review the handouts and videos before taking the tests.
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DirecTV 101 - Installer Training

There are installers and there are technicians.  DirecTV is easy enough for anyone to be able to learn how to install it.  That is the goal of this site. Please use it to learn or better learn about DirecTV installations.  For those of you who want to be a professional technician, there are also resources here to help you learn additional information on DirecTV systems.  The difference between an installer and a technician is that an installer only learns enough to get by installing a system.  A technician knows the WHY something gets done.  Knowledge Is Power.  I hope everyone who visits this site strives to be the best tech they can.  The Handouts section has a variety of manuals and other information to download.  There are several good videos to watch in our video section that were made by DirecTV for training purposes.  Feel free to post in our Satellite Talk section.  Ask questions or let others know some tricks of the trade that you learned.


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